Year after year, Savannah takes its place in the rankings of “Best Places to Live.” With plenty of charm and hospitality, it’s no wonder people have been migrating to the Hostess City. Though known as a dreamy vacation destination, Savannah is also an incredible place to call home. Here are a few things that make Savannah so special. 


Plenty of Things to Do

Perks of coastal living allow residents to visit the beach at Tybee Island, go out on boats or kayaks in the surrounding channels, or take a river cruise on the Savannah River. Having SCAD at the heart of the city offers plenty of art, music, and theatre shows for residents to enjoy all year round. If you’re a history buff, the city provides a wide variety of tours and museums to choose from. For those who love the outdoors, Savannah offers beautiful scenery with an abundance of parks and walking trails. There’s truly something for everyone! 

Warm Temperatures

As a southeastern city with mild winters, Savannah rarely sees snow or temperatures below freezing. Enjoy warm days almost all year round. Fall brings crisp and cool breezes, winters are moderate, and spring welcomes comfortable temperatures and bright blooms. This type of weather is great for residents to continue with outdoor activities like walking, boating, or gardening. 

Historic Charm

Savannah has a rich history as one of the United States’ first planned cities. With 22 of the 24 original squares still in existence, Savanniahians are able to walk the squares and learn more about their history. There are also a number of forts, museums, and cemeteries where people can learn about the city’s storied past. 

Central to Other Great Locations

If you are looking for a weekend getaway, Savannah is only a few hours away from a number of larger cities like Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte, Chattanooga, Jacksonville, and Orlando. Additionally, with Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport’s convenient location just a few minutes from downtown, over 30 non-stop flight destinations are only a short flight away. 


Compared to other cities in the United States, Savannah is ranked as one of the more affordable places to live, with the cost of living being less than the national average. You may find that lower housing, groceries, and everyday expenses can help you to have a higher quality of life without breaking the bank. 


If you’ve been considering making the move to Savannah, give our team of lenders a call! The expert team at Coastal Custom Mortgage is here to help make your home buying experience in the Hostess City a smooth and easy process.