There’s more to moving than packing up boxes! When moving to a new home, making sure you’ve notified relevant people and organizations is an important step in the moving process. Failing to share your new address can result in disconnected services, late fees, and lost mail. Set yourself up for success by notifying the entities on this change of address list to ensure a smooth transition to your new home. 


Utility Companies

Utility companies can be given advance notice of your change of address. Giving notice of your current and future address with your move-in and move-out dates as early as possible is recommended for a seamless transition of utilities like water, power, cable, gas, sewer, internet, security, and waste services. 

Government Entities

Government entities should be notified of your change in address immediately upon moving. There are a number of important documents and benefits that could be lost if not notified promptly, which could result in delays of benefits or loss of records. It is recommended to also notify USPS of your change of address so they can set up mail forwarding from your previous residence. 

Financial Institutions

Make note of all of the financial institutions you have accounts with, and ensure they are aware of your changing address. This includes companies with which you hold checking, savings, or retirement accounts as well as credit card companies, loan companies, and financial advisors. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure your employer is aware of your address change, especially if you have your paychecks mailed. 

Healthcare & Insurance Companies

Your healthcare providers and insurance companies will also need to be notified of your move. Otherwise, you could miss out on medical documentation, appointment reminders, billing notices, or updated insurance cards being sent to your previous address. 

Subscription Services

If you have any recurring subscription services, make sure to notify those service providers. This can include magazine or newspaper subscriptions, meal delivery services, online shopping sites, streaming services, and any other membership plans you have. This ensures your goods are sent to the right place, and that you receive your bills at the correct location.  

Friends & Family

Of course, your friends and family will want to know your new address once you’ve moved! You may want to consider reaching out to your previous neighbors to let them know you’ll be moving, as well as your new neighbors to introduce yourself. 


If you’ll be moving soon, make sure to inform the people and places mentioned above. With a simple call or email, you can save yourself trouble in the future. Are you looking to move soon? Give our team of lenders at Coastal Custom Mortgage a call today to learn more about how to get the process started.