You’ve found a home you love—congratulations! Or maybe you have started looking for homes but haven’t found the right one yet. Regardless, once your offer is accepted, you should highly consider getting a home inspection before you close. It’s tempting to skip an inspection to save on costs, but home inspections can give you a high return on your investment, not to mention peace of mind. Below, we’re sharing the benefits of a home inspection to help buyers make the best choice during their home purchase.

Plan ahead for maintenance costs

A home inspection allows buyers to bring light to both minor and major repair needs. Having a general idea of when appliances, windows, or the roof will need replacing allows you to budget accordingly and give a bird’s-eye view of the situation to help establish a maintenance timeline. This mitigates any surprise maintenance needs and helps to keep repairs and costs on your own terms. 

Awareness of “deal breakers” 

Often, buyers have “deal breakers” when looking at homes. Maybe it’s foundation cracking, septic issues, or mold. Getting a home inspection helps identify any problems that may not be obvious during a showing. If anything is found, you’ll still have the chance to either ask the seller for repairs or back out of the purchase completely. If you do have any deal breakers, you’ll certainly want to get an inspection to gauge how serious the needed repairs are and if they are acceptable. 

Help with price negotiations

Get an edge in negotiations! If you know that a home isn’t as sound as the seller may have thought or advertised, you can use the home inspection report to counter the home’s purchase price. You could also advocate for a repair or ask the sellers for a repair credit. Though this often applies to larger repairs and not things like chipped paint, it’s worth a shot and can help save thousands of dollars. 


Be confident in your home purchase! Schedule a home inspection to make sure you know your home inside and out. If you’re looking to learn more about the home-buying process, give the team at Coastal Custom Mortgage a call today. Our team of lenders is here to help provide a seamless home loan experience.